Thursday, September 18, 2003

Verisign SU-UUUUUCKS! So does it's CEO. A lot. I'm not even kidding.

If you haven't heard about the hijacking of the internet (courtesy of Verisign), you probably won't understand why this is interesting.

For those too lazy to read...Verisign decided to abuse it's position as the company entrusted to run the .com and .net name-servers (they tell your web browser how to get to a particular website when you type in it's address), by showing an ad-driven search-page for non-existent addresses. This means that every time somebody mis-types a domain name, verisign gets ad revenue. Hardly fair to other companies that have domain name registration services, and probably illegal. It also breaks some things about the domain name system (DNS) that make it harder to fight spam.

Want to know what Stratton D. Sclavos (Verisign's CEO) is thought of by the "voting" public? 4% approval rating, and falling fast. Click the "Verisign sucks" link at the top of this entry, and look for Stratton's name, to cast your vote.

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